Custom Jet Boat Build Request

Looking to have a custom jet boat built soon?  Use our handy FREE jet boat quote form to send off your custom build request to up to 10 of the most popular custom jet boat builders in BC, Alberta and Idaho.  Builders will respond directly with a quote to build your boat.

Important Note:  Please fill out this form with as much detail as possible.  Your chosen boat builders will need to know all of these details in order to come up with an accurate build price for your boat.  If you are unsure or would like to rely on the builders advice for your typical usage then say so in the comments section.

Privacy Note:  Your contact details and boat build information will be passed on to the boat builders you've chosen.  Nobody else will contact you and your information will not be sold or shared with anyone else.  By filling out the form and clicking the "Send" button you are giving the selected boat builders permission to contact you via email or telephone regarding your custom jet boat build.

Why Use Our Jet Boat Build Request Form?

It's simple!  There are only a few builders that have an online process to quickly put together a build sheet for a custom jet boat.  Instead of spending a couple days going back and forth on the phone or exchanging emails with several different jet boat builders just use our custom quote form.  Your build specs will be delivered to the sales department at each one of the the boat builders you chose, in one click!

Your chosen builders will get most of the details for your custom jet boat in one quick email exchange and you'll have a quote for your boat build quickly.  You'll be able to continue customizing from there as each builder has slightly different options available.

Most of you looking to buy a custom jet boat are probably looking at these specific companies, send your build specs off to each one, right now and get a price for your dream boat.